1. Download and Review “Basic Fire Suppression and Safety Program”
  2. Watch “Basic Fire Suppression and Safety Video”
  3. Download and Take “Basic Fire Suppression and Safety Quiz”
  4. Provide Quiz to your Supervisor
  5. Watch “The New Generation Fire Shelter Video”
  6. Check with your Supervisor, as their may be additional tasks specific to your company


  1. Download and Review “Training Resources” Packet
  2. Review completed Quiz with employee(s)
    • Provide additional educational materials, when necessary.
    • Sign Quiz, as Trainer
  3. Have employee(s) sign “Training Roster”, after passing Quiz
    • Provide employee(s) with “Certificate of Training” Card, “Standard Fire Fighting Orders” / “Watch Out Situation” Card”.
    • Sign Card as Trainer
  4. When fire training is complete, send the “Training Roster” sheet(s) to:
    • AOL Office, for OPL Credits
    • Your local ODF Fire District Office, for Certification
  5. Check with your local ODF District Office, for additional requirements specific to your region

Basic Fire Suppression and Safety

This course provides instruction in the safe use of basic fire fighting tools and equipment, and what to do in an emergency to escape a fire area. The course is separated into four sections: Introduction, Basic Fire Behavior, Basic Fire Control, and Industrial Fire Prevention Statutes and Rules.

The New Generation Fire Shelter

The new generation fire shelter offers improved protection from radiant and convective heat. All federal, state, and local wildland firefighters carry the fire shelter while working federal fires. As always, the fire shelter should be used only as a last resort. No product will guarantee a firefighters survival in an entrapment situation. Firefighters should do everything they can to avoid situations where they need to deploy a fire shelter.

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